Portrait Photography


Baby bump photography

Baby bump photography is very special. Mummy’s tummy changing as the weeks go by and the day draws closer to this new life being brought into the world. These types of photography shoots work very well if your partner is involved as well, and look fantastic in Black & White. I can provide a bump to baby package where we have three studio sessions, two throughout the pregnancy and one with the baby, offering great value for money and an amazing way to remember your pregnancy.

Baby bump portrait photography by Christopher Martin

Birthing photography

The birth of a child is extremely emotional and one that as a parent you certainly don’t want to miss by viewing it through a camera. I didn’t photograph our first born’s birth and that is something I regret, especially now as I have the photos from our second son’s birth to look at and relive the whole experience. Portrait photography helps you to capture these fleeting moments, and make them memories that last a lifetime.

I offer birthing portrait photography that is designed around what you and your partner require whilst at all times staying very much in the background. As you can imagine this type of shoot takes a lot of planning and communication prior to the event. Please view a small selection of photos from my son’s birth.

Baby birth photographs

Newborn portrait photography

There is nothing more incredible than the innocence and sweetness of newborn portrait photographs. A very special time and one that seems to fly by; blink and you might just miss it! I remember thinking that babies stay babies for a long time, but having 2 children I now know everything in your child’s life seems to be on fast forward. Don’t miss these times, have them photographed and you won’t regret it, I promise.

Newborn baby portrait photographs

Family portrait photography

So the babies are growing up fast: it’s family portrait time! These portrait shoots are always a lot of fun. Don’t just stop at you and the children, though; we often have pets included, plus grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Shot in the studio, on location or in your home, you won’t be disappointed when you invest in family photo shoot portrait photography. Framed photos, canvas prints, acrylic blocks and photo books can all be supplied, ready to hang on your wall or share with your friends.

Family studio portrait photos

Please contact me today to book your portrait photography shoot. I will be very happy to discuss your requirements and give advice if required.

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